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North West England is one of the regions of England. It is one of the two regions (along with Yorkshire and the Humber) that were expected to have a referendum about the establishment of an elected regional assembly. However, when the North East region of England recently rejected having an elected regional assembly in a referendum, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott subsequently announced that he will not move orders for other referendums. The proposals for elected regional assemblies in England therefore are on hold.

The highest point in the region is Scafell Pike, in Cumbria, at 3209 ft / 978 m (which is also England's highest peak).

Two large conurbations, centred on the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, dominate the south of the region. The north of the region (that is, north Lancashire and Cumbria) is largely rural. This has caused questions to be asked whether the region should be altered so that Cumbria is transferred to the North East region (creating a new North region of England), as currently there are stark contrasts within the North West region.

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The region is divided into the following local government areas:

Districts that form the metropolitan counties are known as metropolitan boroughs.

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